Everyone can make a difference in the lives of street children and orphans by supporting ACTION HAITI. Maybe you cannot travel to Haiti, or you would like to get involved beyond a personal monetary donation. By hosting your own fundraiser you can generate money for our projects and also promote awareness of the situation in Haiti. Together we have an opportunity to aid the most disenfranchised youth in Haiti: street children and orphans.

Host a Dinner or House Party

A great way to fundraise is to host an event with family and friends. Organize a party and ask your guests to pay an entrance fee with proceeds going to ACTION HAITI. Design a dinner party and cook dishes native to Haiti, listen and dance to Haitian music, and play fun games using Haitian Kreyol! Not only will you raise money for a good cause, but you will also spread the word about the needs of Haiti’s orphans and street children.

Coins For Change

Involving your entire school or workplace in a coin collection is a great way to raise money for street children and orphans in Haiti. You can turn this fundraiser into a competition, seeing which grade level or office group can raise the most money! There are many variations of this event including collecting pennies on Monday, nickels on Tuesday, dimes on Wednesday, quarters on Thursday, and dollars on Friday or simply placing large donation buckets in a variety of locations. At the conclusion of the event take your coins to a Coinstar machine for easy counting.

Race For Haiti.

Sign up for a local running, swimming, or biking race and ask people to make a small donation for each mile you run. You could even sign up for an established competition such as the Boston Marathon or an Ironman/Ironwoman event. Set a goal, collect pledges, and contact your local media to get the whole community involved! Remember that these events usually have application and selection procedures, so time, preparation, and training are required.

Benefit Concert

Recruit a local talent to perform a concert to benefit ACTION HAITI. In addition to bands and musical artists you may want to recruit a magician, comedian, etc. as the performance. Instead of selling tickets, you can request that a donation be made to aid street children and orphans. You can host the event at your own home or ask a local business to donate space. This is a great fundraiser to collect donations and spread the word about the situation in Haiti.

Sell A Product

Traditional methods for fundraising include bake sales, garage sales, candy sales, and more! You can even collect items from your friend and neighbors that you can sell on eBay or at a flea market. If you know someone that is an accomplished baker, artist, or writer you can ask them to donate their work so that you can allocate the sale, or suggested contribution, towards your event. While the original owner cannot deduct the funds raised from you selling the product, the contributions sent to ACTION HAITI. are tax-deductible.