Our Values

  1. Prayer
    We believe that prayer is our most fundamental element of ministry, showing our dependence on the Lord. As a faith-based mission, we sustain every ministry in continuous prayer.
  2. Education
    We are committed to providing quality education and training to equip people for their calling and future. We believe that education is a vital element of our ministry.
  3. Integrity
    We strive to develop Christian character and uphold a Christ-like manner in all that we do, living and working above reproach.
  4. Purpose
    We continually strive to see beyond where we are and pursue opportunities to expand our influence as a ministry and do all that we have been called to do by God.
  5. Excellence
    We strive toward excellence in everything we do, that will be reflected in the quality of our staff, volunteers and the people’s lives that we affect.
  6. Relationship
    We value relationships and recognize the eternal worth of every individual. We commit ourselves to reach out in love and care for the needs of others’ by investing our time and resources in them, growing together in relationship.
  7. Family
    We are committed to supporting the development and the nurturing of strong families.
  8. Teamwork
    We are committed to working as a team in all relationships based on a common united vision, supporting one another and serving one another. We are committed to helping each one develop their gifts and talents.
  9. Partnership
    We are committed to partnership with like-minded mission organizations, businesses and international sending churches. We strive to build strong relationships with our partners and work jointly for the purpose of outreach and fulfilling our goals, sharing information, resources, and personnel.
  10. Servant Hood
    We are, above all, servants of the Lord Jesus Christ. We are committed to walking in the footsteps of Jesus to serve one another and expressing Christ-like love in all we are and do, just as Christ did and gave His life for us.